Our Sites 

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Clinic Sites

Our onsite clinics are integrated into each school we serve, providing ease of access with students and continuing partnerships with school staff. We offer medical and mental health services during school hours. We currently have four school clinics: Lincoln High School, Pioneer Middle School, and Walla Walla High School.  

Our Clinics


Lincoln Health Center

Located in The Hub: 534 S 3rd, B-101 



Karene Gonzalez, Care Coordinator

Lacey Key, MAC- Care Coordinator

Josie Cuprynski, Care Coordinator

Tim Schroeder, LICSW- Mental Health Counselor , Clinical Supervisor

Regina Myers, LMHC- Clinical Supervisor

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Pioneer Middle School

Located in Pioneer Middle School- Enter through the front doors on Bridge Street



Claudia Estrada, Care Coordinator

Jodie Dupuis, Mental Health Counselor

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Walla Walla High School

Located in a portable in the staff parking lot off of Abbott Rd. at Walla Walla High School 



Janet Perry, Care Coordinator

Jill Atchison, Mental Health Counselor